Life is a Dance, You Learn as you Go.

My mother had three girls enrolled in dance, gymnastics, and karate, I don’t know how she did it! I can attribute my current choreography experience with being a dancer for over 15 years. It all began with ballet, hip hop, jazz, and tap at The Danc’in Placein NY. I performed in recitals for almost 10 years before gymnastics overpowered my schedule.

The memories I have being in the dance studio and learning techniques and choreography will never escape me. Especially the memories I have performing on stage. So many things can go wrong when you’re not even 5 years old and you’re on stage with ten other 5 year olds. There is a dance instructor on both sides of the stage attempting to show us what to do and half the kids are looking off the stage to see what to do.

This reminds me of what it feels like sometimes going through life. We were taught a routine, we are thrown on stage, and now we have to perform it to the real world. We still have our teachers beside us in case we forget a step, but for the most part, we are up there on our own. 

The funniest memory I have as a young girl performing on stage was with my teacher’s daughter. This girl never showed up to practice the routines with the rest of the class and somehow wound up front and center during the recital. With all the dedication I put into practicing and showing up to class, I wasn’t going to let her get away with that. Imagine two 4year old girls in tutus having a slap fight front and center on stage during our performance. Wow, I need to find that video, I know it exists somewhere. The determined warrior in me may have gotten loose and wouldn’t allow this girl to take my spot.

This is another great life lesson right here. Determination and hard work will win every time. Your mommy may be the teacher, but someone is going to work harder and want it more than you so watch out before you get shoved out of the way. Ha ha yes, I am referring to the four year old me who wouldn’t let anyone steal my spotlight.


I really don’t know how I fit everything into my schedule, but at this point, I was also training in Jiu Jitsu under my Father/ Sensei Jack Gambino. He was a fourth degree black belt and started a Karate School within my Gymnastics Club- Twisters, so I was able to take a one hour self-defense class with him before jumping into my competitive gymnastics practices.


Dancing was always one of my favorite activities because I felt the creative release as I would swirl around and do my thing. That is why I am incorporating dancing to my workout program that I am hoping to release to the world sooner than later!

It is so important to take each experience as a winning one because good or bad, if we learn from it, it will always be good. I hope that made sense. Anyway, thanks for reading and being interested in what I have to say. I will continue to post more soon.

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