When I first arrived in Dublin, I wandered the town just feeling grateful that I was in another country and all alone. I wasn’t meant to go on this trip alone, however, my friend had a family emergency and had to stay behind. This was my first time traveling to another country by myself and it triggered something amazing within me. As I walked around feeling grateful for everything in my life, I had a moment of realization that I have been working nonstop for the last 7 years and although I have squeezed vacations in and out of my work-life, I never truly appreciated the present moment like I did there in Dublin. I was feeling every minute pass by and I didn’t want this feeling to end.

Since I am a dairy-free vegetarian who eats fish, I had to find a local vegan joint to satisfy my dinner craving. I searched and only found one restaurant that was completely vegan: Sova Vegan Butcher (Read my review here).

Top Things in Dublin:

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

I had a really nice time in the St. Patrick’s Cathedral mostly because of the powerful energy I was feeling inside. As soon as I walked in, I felt emotional. I gravitated towards the back of the church and found a nice place to light a candle and pray. I didn’t have the intention of staying there long, however, I started praying for each individual friend and family member and before I knew it, almost an hour had passed and I had tears running down my face. This moment will never be forgotten and I strongly recommend taking a visit.

Temple Bar

This is the most talked about thing to do in Dublin. It is a tourist trap where the drink prices are almost double but you are sure to have a good time. I had to check it out for myself, so I did. It was a strip of pubs, cafes and happy people. I realized that the locals really did enjoy their nights out and are always ready to have a good time. I met a nice local lady at the bar and we spoke about all sorts of topics. Meeting people from different countries is always an eye-opening experience for me so that I can see other views of the world.

St. Stephen’s Green

I enjoyed walking through St. Stephen’s Green as it is beautiful landscape, even in the winter! I strolled through the park watching families together, young couples and admired some of the plants that were still thriving in the chilly weather.

County Clare

Cliffs of Moher


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