On the Road to New York

 I was home from my spontaneous Dublin-London-Egypt trip for a whole 6 days before scrambling to hit the road with my sister. We are driving to New York from Boca Raton, Fl with our combined three Yorkshire terriers. We planned to make a trip of it by stopping in a few cities and exploring.

St. Augustine, Fl

This city has a lot of interesting history about the first settlements on U.S Soil. The Spanish landed here but England was persistently on the attack. There is the fountain of youth here and the first parish that has a stainless Steele cross outside that is 208feet tall. We toured a fort that was built over 200 years ago to protect the city from siege by the British. During one of the attacks in the 1600s, the city lived in the fort for 51days. Walking through those grounds, it was hard not to imagine what those days felt like. Then we climbed up a lighthouse that was 17 stories high. The view from the top was beautiful and the sun was shining. It was a perfect moment in time.

Savannah, GA

We stopped in Savannah and drove around taking in the city vibes. We walked through Forsyth Park and the historic district where there were people playing tennis, walking their dogs and swinging on the playground. I went into St. John the Baptist Cathedral and lit a candle. I always enjoy giving my thanks to God for my blessings and in this particular prayer, I felt a sureness that I am exactly on track. When you trust fully, you can enjoy life fully. I feel aware and satisfied.

Charleston, SC

The dogs have been so well behaved and I believe are truly enjoying this trip. What is better than smelling new smells, spending every second with the ones you love the most and going buh-byes in the car for almost 20 hours ?

Charleston, previously named Charles Towne, is a charming city full of polite people. Water Front Park has a pier with meditative views and inspired me to write a meditation technique where you breathe in and out with the rhythms of waves coming to shore.

Then we toured the 24,000 sq foot Calhoun Mansion near Rainbow Row that was restored to its original architecture. The funny thing is that a man lives in this house and collects antiques that he displays. He let’s people tour his home! He was able to get his hands on original furniture and decor that was custom built from Charkes Lewis Tiffany himself.

Then we drove to New York just in time for Christmas Eve!

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