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I'm Competing in Minnesota Season 10 ANW!

This has been one of the craziest years of my life. In the past year I failed at the first obstacle on American Ninja Warrior, I had over-use tendonitis in both hands, tore/broke one of my fingers, strained my hip, had neuropathy and atrophy in my right hand/arm, even had a neck spasm that lasted almost two weeks, and now I am actually getting the opportunity to compete again! I have had so many reasons to give up and delay my goals. I had authorities and people I love telling me there is always next year. To me, next year is for bigger goals, not for this year's goals.

I am competing on American Ninja Warrior Season 10 in Minneapolis is less than two weeks and I have no idea how I am getting there and where I am staying. Should I bring the RV and my dogs? How am I going to make that drive alone? Who will come? I can't even move my head!

The year leading up to this moment was discouraging to say the least, but the weeks leading up to it were intense. I was so stressed out I could barely gather myself. I had so much to do to prepare and my body wasn't even back to its normal strength level, never mind how strong I was hoping to be by now. I can probably do about 10 pull ups and hang for just over a minute. I am obviously not going to be competing at my peak strength level. The good news is that I have been dieting for the last few weeks to try and get as light as possible so I can be stronger with the strength level I have.

So my amazing yogi sister Giana is coming with me and we are road tripping up from Fl to Mn. I have to make a pit stop in Atlanta for a last day or two of training at Ninja Quest Fitness. Then we are off! I can't believe this is happening, I am so excited to see what is about to happen!

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