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I spoke to a Spanish Class in Long Island, NY

Updated: Feb 24, 2019


I can't believe the direction my life is headed!

I got the opportunity to speak to a class at The Wheatley School in NY where I used to attend as a student. I walked into the class on my hands to grab their attention! haha, I was actually really sore the next day.

Speaking to a High School Spanish class was a really cool experience and I integrated some Spanish words and sayings into my speech to make sure they weren't missing a day of Spanish practice! I put together a presentation that was projected onto a white screen behind me. The technology in schools has changed since I have been a student and this was fun to discover the technology in the middle of a presentation. Apparently, you can wave your hand over the screen and the next slide will move. It was nuts and crazy cool how we can present ideas and information to each other.

I threw a lot of information of there for the students and hope that I didn't overwhelm them. I was hoping I could help these seniors be in a good mind set before making really big life-changing decisions. I urged them to make decisions based on their own happiness and not making other people a factor in your decision.

I am hoping to return to The Wheatley School soon to do an assembly in the school, I have a lot of information and motivation I would like to spread with the world...especially students.

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