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RVE 158: Attacking Your Potential with Christina Gambino of American Ninja Warrior

Today’s episode is 100% random and awesome. Her name is Christina Gambino. She’s been living on the road now for almost two years in her Winnebago RV.

Christina is the founder of JumpTwist, which provides music and choreography to gymnasts, dancers, and kids all over the world. In addition to founding JumpTwist, Christina is currently getting ready for her third season on American Ninja Warrior.

When I got off the call with Christina I just felt pumped. What I love about her story is that she’s just somebody who you can’t tell them they aren’t going to do something. I love surrounding myself with people who come up with crazy big goals and regardless of what the people around them say, decide to go after them anyway.

In a lot of ways, that was kind of how it was when we bought our first RV and hit the road. A lot of our friends thought we were crazy and that we would run out of money or that we’d break down somewhere and a million other drastic scenarios. But none of those things happened. I think anytime we point towards a big, scary horizon there are going to be people in your life (maybe even a good friend or a parent) who are going to think you’re making a massive mistake and not support you.

If that’s ever been you, I think you’ll enjoy today’s episode with Christina.

What we talk about in this episode:

The story behind Christina’s journey to being on American Ninja Warrior.The mental (and physical barriers) she’s had to go through to get to this point. How she’s balanced JumpTwist while traveling across the country in her RV and continuing to train.Her other entrepreneurial ventures in real estate and beyond.

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