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Testing at Ninja vs. Ninja

This was the first time I got to test and not compete on an obstacle course! This was being filmed in Los Angeles, California and I happened to be in town. This was just the experience I needed to boost my confidence in my Ninja Warrior Journey. The first obstacle that I was chosen for was the floating tiles (I think that is what they are called).

I need to rewind for a second. Just a month ago, I competed at UBW in North Carolina and increased my bouldering training to get stronger hands. I was so determined to have stronger hands so that would never be a reason to fall on an obstacle. Apparently, you need to slowly build grip strength. I wound up with over-use tendonitis in all ten fingers by late September. I took 8 weeks off of all hanging-type workouts and training. I literally didn't hang from a bar for 8 weeks and then rolled up to test the course at Ninja vs. Ninja.

Okay so back to this cool experience! I looked at the obstacle and studied it really hard. I stood next to it and marked the distances on with rocks and garbage on the ground next to it so I can start training my body to move. There I was on the side looking like I was playing hop scotch as the testers were going one by one. Some belly flopped to the other side, some hit the water hard, and some made it look simple. Which one of those would be me? This day I learned an important lesson in ninja and life: No matter what other people do, that does not mean that is what you are going to do. That combines down to one thing: comparison. We need to stop comparing our selves to each other because there is no comparison. We are all so uniquely made and have experienced different worlds.

So I completed the obstacle easily! Bing- Bing- Bing- Bing - Bing with a perfect landing! I shocked myself at how easy it was when I saw a lot of people falling. Just like when I fell on the first obstacle at the Daytona Qualifiers. Everyone made it look so easy, and I fell. We need to listen to others and watch others, but form our own conclusions and strategies on how to approach obstacles and life.

Then I did the salmon ladder! Uh oh...I haven't hung in 8 weeks. I never doubted myself regardless of how long it was since I touched a bar or a ring. Not to mention, the guy in charge, yes you Adam, laughed at me when I said I could do it. So there was extra pressure on me. By the time I made it up the Salmon Ladder, my forearms were tearing so I dropped into the water.

Then I watched the filming of the competition/tv show! I love experiencing these situations from the outside so that when I am the one competing, I know what it is going to be like. I study every aspect of the scenario and even take notes so that when I am there, I am prepared.

By the time someone watches me compete on American Ninja Warrior, they have no idea what it took for me to get there. That is why I am typing this up for you guys. I am not sitting on the couch watching the show, I am strategizing and training preparing for the opportunity to come again. I was so amped by the end of filming the show that I propped up my tripod and filmed my submission video for American Ninja Warrior Season 10! I was ready to put my name on the map!

I drove the RV back to Florida in 5 days. On the drive, I was having a lot of pain in my tricep/elbow area in my right arm and spent a few hours massaging it. My pointer finger went numb at one point and it freaked me out because it lasted about 12 hours. I did a workout with a numb finger and when I fell on a jump, I went to put my hand down and my finger just went straight into the ground. I broke my finger and tore a tendon in my pointer finger. That didn't ruin my workout, ha, I went in the pool and kicked my legs for an hour. I was determined to get ready for American Ninja Warrior, not knowing the obstacles that would lie ahead of me.

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