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Believing 'You Can' is key to Success

Believe that you Can

Why would anyone sacrifice their time working towards something that they didn't even think they could achieve? So if you find yourself in a situation where you are not happy with your daily life, you need to start believing that you can have a completely different life. You can be happy and reach your goals! It is possible! The first step in accomplishing anything is the belief itself that it can be accomplished. This is something that you can take action with right now. If you decide right now that you can be where you want to be, you are one step closer to being there.

Act As If You Are Already There!

It is very important to change your behavior to reflect your goals if you are serious about reaching your goals. If you were to live that life you always wanted, ask yourself, what would you do when you wake up? What would you eat and wear? What are some thoughts you might have and what kind of actions would you be taking? That is how you need to start living. Change you mind along with something more physical to reflect this change that is about to happen. Before my first traveling choreography appointment, I told everyone who inquired how the travel appointments would go and how the travel fees would be covered. I had never actually have anyone fly me across the country and pay for all my fees on top of the price of my service, but anytime I spoke to anyone, I said it as if it happens on the regular. Then I got my first travel job! I went to Texas and worked with a Level 10 Gymnast and it was the coolest thing ever. I was honored to work with this gymnast and couldn't believe they thought I was worth the trip. I believed that this is what I would be doing before I wound up doing it. None of the accomplishments I have right now fell into my lap. I worked for every opportunity strategically planning my attacks and moves in life. In the last 30 years, I have been wheeling and dealing no matter what my focus was on, school, sports, business, and now Ninja Warrior. I don't mess around when it comes to things that I want to do and if I let every time someone doubted me stop me from continuing to follow my passions and ambitions, I wouldn't be sitting here writing about this. So God gave me this relentless ability to tackle life and create my own happiness.

It's Okay to Fall, Just Don't Stay Down

Life is going to knock you down over and over. You have a choice to be upset about it, or do something about it. If there is one thing I learned about handling disheartening or stressful situations is that the time is going to pass whether you are happy or sad. Time keeps moving and the past gets left in the past. If you can get through each breath, you can get through each day, each week, and so on. In gymnastics, if we fell on any event and got hurt or really scared, we immediately repeated that skill. In life, we must jump right back into what scared or hurt us the most. The more time that passes since you've felt that emotion, it makes it seem like a bigger deal than it is. So get back up always. Think about why you fell and how you can prevent falling again. Learn from this experience and create a new game plan on how to forge ahead without worrying about your fall. Remember...

You already believed that you could and went for it... those are the hardest steps. Trying again is the least you can do for yourself after all the effort you already put in.

Stay Hungry My Friends

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