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My Encounter with the Devil

I need to write this post to inform you guys that the Devil is fooling people into judging and hating each other while giving up on our own personal dreams. The best way to attack someone for long periods of time, is without them knowing who the attacker is. So I am telling you right now who has been attacking you and it is the Devil himself. Now lets not give this disgraceful existence any credit for bringing us down because God sometimes uses the devil to deliver our mail so let's not get it twisted. But it is time to wake up and realize that all the little and big things that are poking you in life, can all go away with a simple phrase and prayer. I am sharing this story with you guys because it is a real story that happened and I don't want anyone else to experience it.

Luke 10:19, "Behold, I give you authority to trample on serpents and over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you."


Without a doubt, someone is reading this right now thinking, "What in the world am I reading right now?", you are probably the one who needs to rebuke the devil the most. He will continuously lie to you to remain in control over your life. So let's rewind so I can tell you what happened to me to make me write this unique blog post.

I was living on my brothers farm pretty isolated for a few months with a lot of bad injuries. One of my injuries was Radial Nerve Palsy which left my right hand paralyzed for almost two months. This situation was enough to drive me mad, but it allowed some demons to enter my life without me even knowing. I happened to think I was getting closer and closer to God because I was reading my bible every day and praying every now and then. It was more of an effort to God than I have ever given before so I thought I was doing great. But it wasn't enough. I didn't know my prayers, I didn't memorize scripture, and I was still unapologetically sinning everyday with little things such as heated arguments, cursing, and lying. It seemed insignificant at the time, but it means the world to me now. As days passed and I couldn't move my hand, I was growing increasingly angry. I was finding myself fighting with everyone and I was on the verge of hysterics at all times. This was a feeling I was not used to. In all the pain and disappointment I have faced in my life, nothing felt like this. I was going mad. I started seeing demon faces in the trees, I had a snake slithering between my legs at one point, and a scorpion waiting for me outside of my door. One day we found a voodoo doll on the farm and I touched it which I am still unsure if it had any creepy black magic attached to it. OnI e day I was counting the register and it came out to exactly $666. started getting creeped out but continued on unaware of what was happening.

I went from the Victim to the Predator

There was an exact moment when I realized I have been under attack. My brother had just said something to make my blood boil and I frantically left the barn in hysterics. I was breathing very fast and my mind felt like it was about to explode. I ran into my RV and started packing up getting ready to storm off. As I was packing, I stopped to say the prayer of Jubilee that I found inside of an RV campers guide book that a random person gave to me ( there is God again always trying to reach me). I said this prayer and I instantly shifted from a victim under attack to a warrior in battle about to end this war. The anger shifted from being angry at myself and my life, to being angry at the enemy who has been poking at my life trying to bring me down. I decided it was time to step inside the cage with the devil himself...yes this is a true story my friends.

I started warming up, as anyone about to go into competition or battle would do. I decided in my mind that my hand was just going to start moving miraculously and I can use it to fight the devil. I literally thought I was going to start throwing punches and having a physical fight with something that I couldn't see. I got so amped/manic, I still can't tell which was true, I started shouting for him to come out and fight me himself. Then I was having visions. I saw a littel red figure hiding behind a banana tree in the distance. I scared that little piece of nothing.

Sidenote: a few weeks earlier, two puppies wandered onto the farm and became our little pets who lived in the chicken coupe since all the chickens were gone. These two dogs were the only things providing me with love and joy leading up to my breakthrough. They were locked in the coupe while I was screaming at the devil to come out and fight me.

I had a moment where I actually thought it was MY responsibility to fight this devil all alone. In that moment, these two little angel puppies came running out from the coupe (no one opened it, but it was a metal handle that was twisted), and as they were running over to me, they found a little stuffed animal dragon and decided to pick it up on the way over. They come running to me because I was screaming on the top of my lungs for the devil to face me, and then these dogs come in front of my and tear up this dragon to shreds in front of my face. When I realized that no one opened the coupe for them to come there and save me in that moment, I knew it was Jesus who opened that coupe and was telling me that I don't need to fight. It has already been defeated. I was giving the power to the enemy thinking I had to fight it meanwhile, the war has been over.

I don't know if me typing this story can give you the type of impact that I experienced, but just know this: Jesus didn't forget about us. God loves us. We all have a special purpose on earth and God will fulfill his promises. When we are feeling down, that is God trying to get our attention. Tell the Devil to leave you and your family and friends alone in Jesus's name and then move on with your life.

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